How We Work

Indigo does not accept unsolicited proposals. Experience has taught us that an open application process is burdensome for both sides and rarely results in new grants being awarded.

Through a combination of desk-based research, scoping visits, recommendations from partners and suggestions from grantees, we identify suitable partner organisations and projects to support. This approach allows us to directly target relevant and high-quality organisations, while reducing the burden associated with a high volume of unsuccessful, unsolicited proposals. We regularly review the process to identify potential improvements to the system.

Indigo holds a minimum of two trustee meetings per year, although ad hoc meetings may also be called. Grant decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the year with the majority being made between formal trustee meetings. All Indigo trustees are decision makers on all grants and the Trust does not operate any sub-committees or devolve responsibility for grantmaking to any third parties.