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As a transparent grantmaker, we believe we have a duty to publish details of all our activities in an accessible format. The source data used on this page is available as open data and can be found at and

Sexual Health and Safety Advice to Sex Workers

1 Oct 2014

Lady Mermaid's Bureau


Health education, Medical services, Reproductive health care


To provide sexual health and safety advice to sex workers via SIM cards.

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Charitable activities to support freedom of information in UK

17 Sep 2014

Campaign for Freedom of Information

United Kingdom


Towards the charitable activities of CFOI, including education, training and establishing good practice with regard to FOI legislation in the UK.

Making information on UK grants more open and accessible (pt. 3)

17 Sep 2014


United Kingdom


To continue work related to 360 Degree Giving, an initiative which helps UK grant makers and philanthropists to publish their grant information online in an easy to use way.

Parliamentary Monitoring Site – marketing and media outreach work

17 Sep 2014

Mzalendo Trust


Democratic participation and civil society, Free flow of information


To enable Mzalendo, a parliamentary monitoring site, to employ a programme assistant to conduct marketing and media outreach work.

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News Agency reporting on social justice and service delivery issues

17 Sep 2014

Ground Up

South Africa

Free flow of information, Information and Communication Technology


This grant covers core costs for an organisation which reports stories, mainly relating to issues around social justice and service delivery from South Africa's township and immigrant communities.

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Bridge funding for Ugandan tech innovation hub

11 Sep 2014

Hive Colab


Information and Communication Technology


Crisis/bridging funding whilst waiting for receipt of funds for a technology innovation hub in Uganda.

Core costs and recruitment assistance to aid transparency organisation

4 Sep 2014

Publish What You Fund

United Kingdom

Economic and development policy/planning, Free flow of information, General budget support


This organisation campaigns for greater aid transparency. £30,000 will go towards PWYF's core costs, while £15,000 will go towards recruitment consultancy services.

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South African secondary schools drug and alcohol prevention

31 Jul 2014

Siyakhona Multi Media Co-operative Ltd

South Africa

Information and Communication Technology, Secondary education


To cover core costs and the running of a campaign around drugs and alcohol misuse in secondary schools in Alexandra Township.

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Training for Indigo Grantees based in Cape Town

28 Jul 2014

Open Democracy Advice Centre

South Africa

Information and Communication Technology, Support to local and regional NGOs


Training for Indigo Grantees based in Cape Town. This organisation promotes open and transparent democracies and corporate and government accountability. However, this grant is being utilised by all Indigo Trust's Cape Town grantees.

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Platform to facilitate community campaign organising

9 Jul 2014


South Africa

Democratic participation and civil society, Human rights protection and monitoring, Information and Communication Technology


To develop a new platform for mobile campaigning and pilot two community led campaigns using the platform.

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