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As a transparent grantmaker, we believe we have a duty to publish details of all our activities in an accessible format. The source data used on this page is available as open data and can be found at and

Question Box callbox network in Africa focusing on health

27 May 2015

Open Mind

United States of America

Basic health infrastructure, Support to international NGOs


Core costs for Open Mind's Question Box networks programme focusing on health and social protection.

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Supporting XHub – a technology innovation hub in Addis Ababa

20 May 2015

Centre for African Leadership Studies


Information and Communication Technology, Support to local and regional NGOs


For the xHub Innovative Society initiative which will contribute towards the core costs of the xHub technology innovation hub in Addis Ababa.

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SMS/voice platform to improve maternal and child health in Kenya

13 May 2015



Basic nutrition, Family planning, Health education, Reproductive health care


This organisation has developed an SMS/Voice platform to improve maternal and child health. This grant will be used to expand their platform to six of Kenya’s 15 counties (with an aim of registering 800 parents in each county). A small amount (approximately USD$2,500) would be spent on monitoring and evaluation, as well as data verification.

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Mobile SMS Internet Radio platform working to improve service delivery

13 May 2015

Toro Development Network - ToroDev


Democratic participation and civil society, Free flow of information, Government administration


To enable ToroDev to implement an innovative Mobile-SMS-Internet-Radio polling system to seek local citizens' views on service delivery in seven districts in the Rwenzori region of western Uganda. The results will be fed back to decision makers to improve service delivery.

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A Nigerian mobile platform which encourages regular exercise

29 Apr 2015

Truppr Ltd


Business support services and institutions, Culture and recreation


An interest free concessionary loan of £30,000 to Truppr. The loan will be used to support a mobile platform which has the charitable objective of assisting Nigerians to connect to events and people associated with them, in order to encourage them to make regular exercise part of their lifestyle, with the long-term aim of improving the health of users.

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Hiring a Business Incubation Manager for Zambian Tech Hub

20 Apr 2015

Bongo Hive


Business support services and institutions


This grant covers salary costs of a business incubation manager working in a technology innovation hub in Zambia and covers 12 months salary.

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A South African platform reporting and monitoring corruption

16 Apr 2015

Corruption Watch (RF) NPC

South Africa

Anti-corruption organisations and institutions, Democratic participation and civil society, Support to local and regional NGOs


To support Corruption Watch's Mxit platform which is used to report and monitor corruption.

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A school project identifying social issues within their community

16 Apr 2015

First Give

United Kingdom


To work with schools to identify a social issue within their community and a charity working to address it. The first project will be Parliament Hill School.

Furthering Aid Transparency work in the US

16 Apr 2015

Publish What You Fund

United States of America

Anti-corruption organisations and institutions, Public finance management, Public sector financial management, Support to international NGOs


This organisation campaigns for greater aid transparency. This grant will help further PWYF advocacy work in the US and to pursue registration as a 501(c)(3) organisation..

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Co-ordinating Election Monitoring in Nigeria

25 Mar 2015

Connected Development (CODE) - Follow The Money


Elections, Electoral assistance and monitoring, Information and Communication Technology


Towards efforts to coordinate election monitoring across several organisations.

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