360Giving supports organisations to publish their grants data in an open, standardised way and helps people to understand and use the data in order to support decision-making and learning across the charitable giving sector.

When looking to set up the Indigo Trust, Fran Perrin found there was a lack of reliable data on UK grantmaking. This absence of data made decision making harder, more time consuming and riskier as it was difficult to find out who had given what, where and what difference it had made. Fran says: ‘I couldn’t understand why there were no tools to help me make sense of UK grants data, which was spread across individual websites and annual reports. I needed something to help me look at the information in an aggregated, strategic way, in order to make good decisions about the projects and organisations we might want to support ourselves. This seemed like a huge information gap, and one I wanted to address.’

In 2013, Fran and her husband, the technology expert Will Perrin, supported the creation of an open data standard that allows grantmakers to publish their information in an open, comparable format that anyone can freely access, use and re-use. After a successful testing phase in 2014, grantmakers started publishing to this standard, and 360Giving was established as a charity in 2015 to help drive this work forward.

The Indigo Trust was the first organisation to publish its grants data to the standard developed by 360Giving. It has since been joined by a host of other grantmakers, from public bodies, to private trusts and local authorities. 360Giving is also supporting the development of tools and platforms that help organisations to extract real value from the data. One of these platforms is GrantNav, which shows which topics and grantees different funders have in common. This makes it easier to map out the resources that are available and how this may have changed over time. It also helps visitors to quickly obtain an overview of other organisations working in the same areas.  The recently added 360Insights tool can be accessed directly by visiting insights.threesixtygiving.org it lets you look at grants from a specific funder. And through searching on GrantNav, you can refine results to make sure you’re looking at the funding themes that interest you most.

To find out more please visit the 360Giving website.