Supporting Work to Prevent Child Abuse

Indigo has recently awarded £250,000 in grants to three organisations working to prevent and reduce child sexual abuse (CSA) in the UK. These grants will support the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA Centre) and Marie Collins Foundation.

The scale of the problem is vast and increasing, although organisations that seek to prevent its occurrence and mitigate its impact are significantly underfunded. In this initial phase of funding, Indigo has chosen to work with organisations that carry out one or more of the following activities:

  • Preventing CSA through working with offenders (and potential offenders). Such organisations find it incredibly difficult to gain private/foundation funding due to the stigma associated with their work.
  • Research into the scale, nature, and causes of CSA and the of interventions to prevent/mitigate it.
  • Lobbying and advocacy.
  • Achieving impact at scale through training, digital, and phone-line services.

We are proud to be supporting the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, CSA Centre and Marie Collins Foundations with grants totalling £250,000, alongside an earlier £50,000 grant made to the Lucy Faithfull Foundation in the summer of this year. Each of them works on various aspects of CSA prevention, including work with offenders to reduce offending, research into the scope, scale and causes of the problem, expert advice and training for professionals tackling the issue and lobbying and advocacy work. Much of this work is both is both challenging and difficult to fund and we believe that private foundations and donors can play an important role in funding and championing the sector.

As a funder new to this area, we are particularly keen to learn from the expertise of these organisations and to build our knowledge. We believe that these organisations will be an invaluable source of help and information as we continue to learn more about this vital area.