Funders for Race Equality Alliance Launch New Report

Funders for Race Equality Alliance, in conjunction with the Ubele Initiative and Future Foundations UK, have released a quantitative report into the emergency funding of the UK Black and Minority voluntary community sector (VCS) during the pandemic. The full report is available here.

The report examines various emergency funds set up in 2020 designed to support Black and Minority Ethnic VCS organisations. Several trends emerge from the analysis, including:

  • A majority of funding (66%) was awarded to London-based organisations.
  • Most funding came from flexible funds designed to allow organisations to respond flexibly to the rapidly-changing pandemic landscape.
  • Less than a third of funding supported work directly related to justice and human rights.
  • Most funding was made available for a period of between 6 and 12 months, leaving longer-term support for organisations an outstanding issue.

The report concludes that funders should think with longer-term horizons in mind, continue to be flexible and adaptable, and work collaboratively using participatory approaches to allocate funds quickly and efficiently. We would urge interested donors and VCS organisations to read the full report for more comprehensive analysis and findings.