Voice4Change and the BME Voluntary and Community Sector

Voice4Change is a UK umbrella organisation representing around 460 organisations and 1000 individual affiliates in the Black and Minority Ethnic voluntary and community sector (BME VCS). Earlier in the summer we awarded them a grant of £125,000 to enable them to build their capacity to act as an emergency grant fund manager supporting the BME VCS.

Voice4Change is one of only a handful of organisations with national reach representing the BME VCS. Working with others in the sector, including Race on the Agenda and CORE, V4C aims to lead a collaborative effort to support the BME VCS which has been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Recognising the leading role that V4C has played over the years, it is our belief that they are clearly best positioned to allocate funding from a range of funders intended to bolster the entire sector. The funding we have provided will enable V4C to build their capacity to deliver in this role. It will be used to support them to employ new members of staff, and offer training and support with general systems and process development. We are committed to working with them to support this process wherever and however we can and look forward to collaborating with them over the coming weeks and months.

For more information on this programme, take a moment to visit V4C’s website.