Mobile platform supporting community mobilisation and democratic engagement

Awarded on 8 Jun 2017

South Africa

Democratic participation and civil society, Support to local and regional NGOs

Grant amount £20,598.79

Grassroot is a platform for community organisers and social movements to organise their neighbours. It consists of purpose-built tools that solve real problems for people who want to take action. It connects such leaders to each other, and allow the easy aggregation and analysis of the issues they tackle. Through this grant, we are supporting Grassroot to develop and expand their work to reach new audiences.

Over the coming months, Grassroot will be establishing new partnerships and testing new ways of working with those they support. This grant is intended to support staff and technology development costs and thereby help more communities to come together, participate and play a role in their neighbourhoods.

Image courtesy of Masixole Feni/GroundUp (CC BY-ND 4.0). Original here.