Integrating EveryPolitician dataset into Wikidata

Awarded on 4 May 2017

United Kingdom

Elections, Free flow of information

Grant amount £30,000.00

EveryPolitician is a mySociety initiative to collect the world’s richest dataset on national legislatures around the world – that’s details of every MP, senator and member of congress in (almost) every country. That’s a lot of data that needs updating surprisingly frequently – snap elections, collapses of governments and by-elections mean that there is a relatively high turnaround in the world’s political chambers. We are delighted to be supporting the work with a grant of £40,000.

At the moment, the data on EveryPolitician is maintained by a dedicated group working with mySociety. But with data on more than 70,000 politicians and multiple updates each day, simply keeping the data up to date requires a mammoth effort. By integrating with Wikidata – a structured data store which supports many of the features in Wikipedia and elsewhere on the web – the EveryPolitician team hope to be able to do much more with this data and get a larger group of volunteers and editors interested and invested in keeping the data up to date. This post by mySociety explains the work in more detail. We are excited to see how the work progresses and believe that this could represent a significant change in how people access and use information on the world’s elected leaders.