Meet South Africa’s Ethical Journalists

Awarded on 3 May 2017

South Africa

Media and free flow of information, Radio/television/print media

Grant amount £20,000.00

Globally, journalism’s reputation is undergoing something of an assault. The spectre of fake news stories and unethical journalism is never far from the headlines with journalistic integrity at stake. At the same time, however, journalists in many countries face intimidation, harassment and physical violence. Positive news on journalism can be hard to find, although South Africa’s GroundUp represent better news.

GroundUp is a news agency that reports news that is in the public interest, with an emphasis on the human rights of vulnerable communities. The emphasis is on stories and communities that might be ignored by larger media houses. Covering issues such as health, education and housing, GroundUp’s journalism is fact-checked and politically independent. They are attempting to spark a conversation about the issues that matter to ordinary South Africans through informed and balanced journalism. We will be supporting their work over the coming year with a grant of £20,000, which will be used to cover a variety of core costs, such as editing, reporting and marketing.

Photo courtesy of Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp (CC BY ND 4.0). Original here