Encouraging democratic participation in Kenyan youth

Awarded on 19 Apr 2017


Elections, Legislatures and political parties

Grant amount £15,671.46

Early next month, Kenyans will go to the polls to vote in their country’s elections. Among the millions going to the polls will be huge numbers of first-time voters and young people. In an attempt to reach this sizeable demographic with relevant, accurate and interesting content, South Africa’s Livity Africa are teaming up with Kenyan parliamentary monitoring group, Mzalendo, to launch Project Mchujo, an initiative to spark a peer-peer conversation among young people about the upcoming general elections. We are supporting this work with a £15,000 grant.

Building upon their experiences producing youth-relevant content, Livity Africa are attempting to replicate their approach in Kenya. Mzalendo’s blog contains a number of stories by young people recruited to the project. Over the coming weeks, expect to see more content published here and through Livity Africa’s other channels. We hope that this fresh, new content helps bring young Kenyans closer to the elections and more likely to participate in civic life.