African Hubs as Assemblers of Technology Entrepreneurs – New Research

We wanted to let you know about an exciting new piece of research which has been published on African Tech Innovation Hubs.

Dr Nicolas Friederici, a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute, part of the University of Oxford, undertakes research into why digital entrepreneurship flourishes in some places but not in others. Dr Friederici has recently completed his dissertation on African Innovation Hubs. His research focusses on “how African hubs work”, specifically looking at how they shape relationships between tech entrepreneurs.

Dr Friederici’s research found that the sense of community within a hub directly relates to how active the hub is – he states that “members of active communities had concern for each other and recognized hubs as social entities, while inactive community members only shared a loose purpose.” He also found that hubs tended to fall into two types – the technology hub (which depends on active core communities) and the entrepreneurship hub (which relies on active peripheral communities).

He goes on to theorize that hubs are “assemblers of technology entrepreneurs” – hubs bring people together to form entrepreneurial communities in a unique way.

You can read the full abstract and outline online here, but unfortunately the full dissertation is not yet available to the public. We look forward to reading the full thesis in due course, and would like to thank Dr Friederici for sharing his research with us.