New Media Lab for Liberia

Awarded on 4 May 2017


Elections, Free flow of information

Grant amount £18,000.00

Love them or loathe them, a free and independent media are vital to a fully functioning democracy. With an election coming up later this year, we’re pleased to be supporting Accountability Lab and iLab Liberia to develop a new media lab.

The new media lab will support young Liberians to create, edit and disseminate content focused on civic participation, accountability and transparency. Facilities will include all of the necessary tools (A/V equipment, editing tools and software, animation software, high-quality lighting, small shooting studio, radio communications and broadcasting systems, signal processing systems etc) for users to create high-quality interviews, broadcast visual and audio content and to generate citizen-centred media around critical issues of transparency and accountability. The lab will also provide users with an online accessible library of visual and audio content and a variety of online training resources. In addition, it will offer training for civil society, government officials and entrepreneurs in key media skills, such as building multimedia websites, film-making for accountability, open media innovation, podcast production and other skills. It’s hoped that these new skills, combined with the opportunities for networking that the lab will provide, will allow for a more diverse, representational media output in the country.

The photo accompanying this post courtesy of Justin Van Zele (CC BY 2.0). Original here.