Supporting positive change through open data

Awarded on 15 Mar 2017

South Africa

Democratic participation and civil society, Media and free flow of information

Grant amount £29,111.08

Open Data Durban is a non-profit civic technology lab that implements and advocates for open data, open government, and civic technology through projects, events, workshops, and dataquests (hackathons for everyone, especially non‐techies). In short, it’s the kind of organisation for which we are always on the lookout. Having supported their work for just over a year, we’re delighted to be providing them with a further grant to grow their organisation and help them achieve the goals and missions they have set for themselves.

Working with local partners in government, non-profits and the media, Open Data Durban strives to bring together a group of organisations and individuals interested in improving life in Durban through civic technology. It’s a pleasure to be able to support this work through our grant, which will be used to cover some of the group’s core costs – salaries, legal fees, audit fees. We hope that 2017 will prove just as successful as 2016 was.