Budget access, data literacy and good governance work in Sierra Leone

Awarded on 15 Mar 2017

Nigeria, Sierra Leone

Democratic participation and civil society, Public finance management, Public sector financial management

Grant amount £18,800.00

Expanding a service to a new country is never easy and always carries a degree of risk, but when it works the impact can be huge. That’s why we have decided to support Nigerian budget monitoring organisation, BudgIT, as they seek to establish a Sierra Leonean outpost of their organisation.

Using many of the same tools and approaches they have trialled in recent years in Nigeria, BudgIT will be carrying out a pilot in Sierra Leone over the coming months. Our funding will help them develop budget infographics focused on Sierra Leone, which they will share through radio, social media and offline approaches too. They’re hoping to build on positive developments in the country, which have progressively seen more budget data being made available by the government. BudgIT’s work will try to make some of this data more user friendly and understandable, while also working to release more datasets. It’s a new venture for the team and only time will tell how Sierra Leone takes to their work, but we have our fingers crossed.