Transparency, Accountability and mySociety

Awarded on 23 Feb 2017

Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom

Free flow of information, Legislatures and political parties

Grant amount £40,000.00

From Zurich to Zimbabwe and Uruguay to Uganda, mySociety‘s tools promoting better services and improved democracy and accountability are a familiar feature of the digital democracy landscape. Having worked with them for a number of years, we’re very happy to be supporting their international work for another year.

Over the coming year, we expect to see mySociety working in partnership with a range of organisations and sites across Africa. They’ll be working to further improve the already great South African parliamentary monitoring site, People’s Assembly, as well as helping with the re-launch of Nigeria’s ShineYourEye site. As Africa’s largest democracy, we hope that this work in Nigeria will help deliver a world class parliamentary monitoring site that can be used by citizens, journalists and politicians themselves. It’s not likely to be easy, although with such a significant potential pay-off it’s an opportunity not to be missed. In addition, the grant will allow mySociety to continue their work promoting user-centred design techniques to one or more groups across the continent.