Following the Money in Nigeria

Awarded on 28 Feb 2017


Democratic participation and civil society, Human rights

Grant amount £99,894.00

Tracking development dollars and government spending is a complex business. But the impact that this money can have on everyday lives is tremendous. From sanitation to health centres and job creation to environmental protection, government spending can be an important catalyst for development. So when that money goes missing or when it’s spent on things other than originally intended, communities can be very badly hit.

Over the last few years, CODE in Nigeria have found this to be the case. Through well-researched and data-driven campaigning they have been able to highlight the impact of corruption or misspending on normal Nigerian towns and villages. Having supported them for the last few years, we are delighted to award them a three-year grant to help with their core costs. As they continue to develop campaigns, expand to a new office space and recruit more staff, we hope to see them increase their impact and exposure across Nigeria.