Keeping an eye on Parliament

Awarded on 13 Feb 2017


Democratic participation and civil society, Elections, Legal and judicial development, Legislatures and political parties

Grant amount £60,150.00

With a general election coming up later this year, scrutiny of the Kenyan parliament should be stronger than usual. We hope that Mzalendo – one of the most respected and impartial sources of information on Kenya’s parliament – will feature heavily in that process. That’s why we’re delighted to be supporting them with a grant of £60,150 over three-years to help with their core costs.

Mzalendo is Kenya’s parliamentary monitoring site. It contains a wealth of information on MPs, senators, proceedings of parliament, bills and analysis. It’s a treasure trove and in the charged atmosphere of an election cycle stands out as one of the more calm and reasoned sources of information. Access to this kind of information on who is in parliament and what they do is – or certainly should be – at the cornerstone of any democracy. It is a vital first step to a more rational and fact-based exploration of elections and political life. In this important election cycle, Mzalendo hope to reach out to more users and attract new visitors to the site. Providing people with access to their representatives and lowering the barriers to public participation are key missions for Mzalendo over the coming months. This grant will help them do that by providing core support to cover things like salaries and SMS costs.