OpenGov Project

Awarded on 5 Sep 2016



Administrative costs, Information and Communication Technology, Legislatures and political parties

Grant amount £14,999.00

In today’s world, evidence-based, data-driven approaches to policymaking are becoming ever more precious. This grant to Outbox in Uganda aims to help create a set of tools that government, civil society and the media can use to track political developments in the country.

This grant will allow Outbox to hire two software developers and a data analyst to work on developing data-driven tools to allow easier monitoring and scrutiny of government in Uganda. In this first phase, Outbox plan to build two separate tools:

  • Manifesto tracker: Using manifestos, budgets and data visualisations, the manifesto tracker is designed to allow anyone to assess how well the Ugandan government is implementing its manifesto promises. In Uganda’s 2016 elections the absence of any easy way to track how well the government had implemented its manifesto promises made reporting difficult. This manifesto tracker is designed to give journalists in particular an easy way to monitor government’s progress against its manifesto promises.
  • Open data portal: Working with government, Outbox will begin development of an open data portal for Uganda, provide technical support to catalogue and clean data and work with the private sector to build applications and tools that use data from the site. It’s hoped that this can catalyse a community of users for the data who will be able to add value and provide feedback.