Civic Tech Collaboration in Ghana

Awarded on 11 Jan 2017


Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £35,000.00

Addressing issues of transparency and accountability is almost always a messy process. Accountability challenges often involve multiple agencies or bodies, citizens from many different walks of life and can take place at a very local level all the way up to the national or international level. Addressing such problems cannot be the sole preserve of one body or group and must instead include an array of groups, perspectives and interests.

We’re very pleased to be supporting iSpace in Ghana in the process of addressing some of these issues. Through this grant, iSpace will be working with a variety of stakeholders to identify a particularly pressing accountability challenge and, through a user-centred design process, will be building (or adapting) an appropriate technology platform aimed at solving that issue. The focus will be on a short-term, specific goal capable of being addressed within the time frame and budget. The user-centred design process will help those developing the tool(s) understand the problems and needs of their target audience, thereby resulting in a product or platform which meets their requirements. iSpace will be working with mySociety to implement this process.