Tackling Corruption in Healthcare

Awarded on 10 Nov 2016

United Kingdom

Democratic participation and civil society, Health policy and administrative management

Grant amount £30,000.00

Corruption in the health and pharmaceutical sectors undermine public confidence while squandering valuable public finances. It’s a recognised problem globally and accounts for billions of dollars wasted each year. Through Transparency International’s Health Action Fund, we are hoping to discover innovative technological solutions to some of these problems in sub-Saharan Africa. Our funding will allow Transparency International to issue a call for proposals in the region.

From e-procurement to mobile stock-out monitoring, mobile and web technologies hold great promise for reducing corruption in the healthcare sector in sub-Saharan Africa. We have already seen great initiatives gaining traction and the funding we are making available here is intended to help new and innovative approaches to develop and flourish. As part of the global Health Action Fund, we hope that those organisations selected in sub-Saharan Africa will have access to a network of other organisations working on addressing these challenges. We very much look forward to seeing what projects develop in the coming weeks and months.