After Brexit: The Direction of UK Aid Policy

Awarded on 13 Jul 2016

Centre for Global Development in Europe

United Kingdom

Grant amount £17,250.00

Shortly after the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union last summer, we made funding available to the Center for Global Development to conduct research into the likely impact of that decision on the UK’s international development and aid policy. The draft of that paper is now available and it identifies several opportunities for the UK:

This paper considers new UK policy opportunities for global development that arise from Brexit. We look for the “triple win”: what policy opportunities, enabled or enhanced by Brexit, are good for the world, good for the UK, and also good for the UK process of negotiating out of the EU? In doing so, we find four clear winners and four runners-up. Namely, the winning opportunities are 1) better trade for development, 2) fighting modern slavery and people trafficking, 3) climate change leadership, and 4) better migration controls, while the runners-up are 1) UK agricultural subsidies, 2) a new UK Development Bank, 3) a UK-owned “Smart Sanctions” mechanism, and 4) more cost-effective humanitarian assistance.