Valuing Data: How to use it in your grant-making

Awarded on 9 May 2016

New Philanthropy Capital

United Kingdom

Grant amount £15,000.00

It would be fair to say that British philanthropists haven’t traditionally made the most of data in their work. But there exist a number of opportunities for British grant-makers to change this and recent research we supported with New Philanthropy Capital outlines some of the ways this can be achieved:

From the funding application process through to implementation and evaluation, grant-making involves a continuous creation of data. More and more funders are making their grant-making data publicly available, to support evidence-based decision-making and to improve transparency and accountability. But we think more of this can be done to improve grant-making throughout the UK.

In this paper we explore how grant-makers can make better us of data within their organisations. We also argue that to really harness the value of data, funders must take a more collaborative, shared approach to using data. By highlighting specific examples and emerging approaches, we outline how this could best be achieved.

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