More exciting news from Tech Hub Start-ups!

We’re excited to be sharing stories of some of the great start-ups coming out of tech hubs which are being supported by the Joint Hub Fund. Stories of some of the start-ups being supported in Cameroon by ActivSpaces can be found here.

Today we’re looking at Hive Colab in Uganda. Hive Colab’s aim is to nurture ideas and build empires, both social and business. It offers mentorship, helps members build teams and connects entrepreneurs with investors. Hive Colab has so far incubated over 30 start-ups, from the idea stage right through into full-scale operational and sustainable businesses. Start-ups have created jobs, revenue, products and services – an impressive $500,000 has been received in investments by start-ups so far.  Today, Hive Colab supports 24 start-ups, six with a social focus, 18 commercial.  Hive Colab is now exploring ways to stimulate social innovation, including user-centred design approaches and we’ll share information on that in a future post.

Here are some of my favourite start-up stories so far:

Yoza – We all struggle with finding time to get our laundry done – now Yoza provides the solution! It connects users with those who offer laundry services in their area. The app mainly targets single professionals and students with smartphones, linking them with local washers who might otherwise be difficult to contact. Many of the people offering washing services have doubled their incomes due to the increase in demand for their services. In some cases their income has increased sevenfold! Around 150 laundry washers are listed on the app and all are vetted before being assigned work. 90% of them are women and around one in three are single mothers. Yoza won $5,000 in prize money from the MTN Innovation Challenge and have successfully won $10,000 in investment through the support of Hive Colab.

Ensibuuko – Ensibuuko is a real success story. Set up to support Uganda’s rural farmers, it’s a mobile money platform which integrates automated SMS and mobile money services to enable Saving and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) of small holder rural farmers to mobilise savings and disburse loans in a simple, convenient and secure way. Ensibuuko has won many awards including the Unilever Sustainable Living Award. Ensibuuko joined Hive Colab in 2015 and has since won $80,000 in investment. Here’s a short film which explains how it works:


Nakazade – mHealth is a really exciting new area for start-ups. Nakazade provides maternal and infant health advice through an app and a website. Nakazade aims to reduce maternal mortality and unwanted pregnancies. Once registered, users can receive advice on pregnancy, family planning and sexual health. The site is aimed at pregnant women, teenage girls and young women and now has 800 subscribers and 500 pregnant mothers registered. Nakazade has received $20,000 in investment through the help of Hive Colab.

I’ll be looking at iSpace in Ghana for my next post. Stay tuned!