Start-ups emerging from established Tech Hubs yielding impressive results!

The support offered by technology innovation hubs can be crucial for new start-ups. Hubs run loads of activities to support technologists and budding entrepreneurs including training and mentorship programmes, helping connect technologists to stakeholders and teaching kids to code.

I wanted to share stories of some of the exciting start-ups coming out of the tech hubs which are being supported by the Joint Hub Fund. More information on the Joint Hub Fund can be found here.

Today I’m looking at ActivSpaces in Cameroon. The hub supports both Anglophone and Francophone tech entrepreneurs and offers a six-month acceleration programme with mentorship, legal advice, help registering a company, financing, marketing and sales advice. Today, ActivSpaces is supporting around 20 start-ups, helping them achieve success and independence. Check out some of the stories from some of the start-ups which grew out of its acceleration programme:

Mobile technology and social media have revolutionised how we watch TV. I often find myself online while watching my Djoss Appfavourite show, looking at other people’s reactions and comments (and seeing if they match mine!). Djoss is an app which lets viewers do exactly this at the tap of a button. You can discuss shows in real time with other viewers anywhere in the world, take part in group chats and applaud or boo a show with one tap. A “live prediction game” means you can compete with other viewers to win the title of “Live Prediction Master” by guessing the results of sports tournaments or the winners of live competitions. Djoss has around 30,000 users with more joining all the time. A marketing campaign is planned to take place during the CAN football competition in Cameroon, which should boost numbers even further. I look forward to hearing how it goes!


Ozipress allows users to buy and read Cameroon’s newspapers on their smartphone. You can subscribe to your favourite paper to save money and receive new issues automatically. You can also bookmark articles that you want to revisit later making reference straightforward. OziPress took part in ActivSpaces acceleration programme and today has ever-increasing customer numbers and has started to generate revenue! The app is available on the Google PlayStore with mobile money payment and direct billing now available to make paying for the service really easy. Ozipress has been downloaded over 400 times so far and has started to generate income.


Cloomify lets users search local businesses and services according to their GPS location. You can set Cloomify Pictureyour preferences to be alerted to deals and promotional offers available in your local area. The app can be programmed to display your particular areas of interest and can take into account your mode of transport (bike, foot, car etc.) to ensure only the most relevant information is provided.  Shoower has grown its user base to 5,000 since joining ActivSpaces. This could be a great way for users to save money and for businesses to gain new clients. What do you think?

These are just some of the exciting new start-ups coming out of ActivSpaces. Which is your favourite? Do you have any thoughts on features that you’d love to see being included?

Over the next few days I’ll be posting stories on some of the great start-ups coming out of Hive Colab in Uganda and iSpace in Ghana.