Supporting Open Data Durban

Awarded on 16 Mar 2016

Open Data Durban

South Africa

Democratic participation and civil society, Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £32,930.52

The world over, development and planning largely remain confined to elite circles. These circles are typically made up of politicians, business owners, developers and financiers among others, but rarely do they involve ordinary citizens or local communities. Despite much rhetoric to the contrary, consultation often remains tokenistic or an elite exercise. Open Data Durban (ODD), a South African group focusing on civic technology, is trying to change that by making local government processes less opaque and more accessible. Over the coming months, ODD hope to run several civic technology projects, develop a government data training programme, strengthen partnerships with civil society and develop internal capacity. We’re delighted to be supporting the initiative with a grant of £30,000 towards ODD’s core costs and look forward to seeing how Africa’s first city-facing civic technology movement develops. If this model can work in Durban, there’s hope that it could work elsewhere in the continent and help to shape a new model of civic engagement and interaction.