Supporting grassroots organising in South Africa

Awarded on 23 Mar 2016

Grass Root Nation NPC

South Africa

Democratic participation and civil society, Support to local and regional NGOs

Grant amount £16,027.97

Mobilising people to act involves more than a catchy slogan and a sense of injustice. Effecting large-scale change involves organising people or, rather, helping them to organise themselves. GrassRoot, a South African organisation, aims to help charities, social movements and others organise more effectively by developing a suite of simple, mobile tools enabling organisations to convene meetings, take and record votes, log events and create and manage groups. We are delighted to be supporting them in this work with a grant of ZAR 345,000 to further develop and refine the tools in partnership with South African organisations. By improving and testing with real-life users of the tools, GrassRoot hope to strengthen their products and make them more robust and attuned to the needs of end users. We look forward to monitoring the work over the coming months and hearing about how their partner organisations are using the tools. If successful, we believe this has great potential to be rolled out and used by many more organisations – it’s a very exciting time.