Improving Healthcare in South Africa

Awarded on 24 Feb 2016

Health-e News Service

South Africa

Anti-corruption organisations and institutions, Democratic participation and civil society

Grant amount £17,147.40

Ensuring an accessible, high quality healthcare system should be near the top of any government’s priority list, but sadly this is not always the case. And even where investment is being made, health outcomes do not always reflect this. This is the situation South Africa finds itself in – they invest more money in their healthcare system than any other African country, yet outcome indicators continue to lag in the treatment of certain kinds of conditions and injuries. Resolving this is not a matter for government alone, however, and civil society does have a role to play in highlighting abuses and failings within the system (and, it should be argued, celebrating successes). This is what Health e-News attempts to do with its OurHealth  network of citizen journalists who report on healthcare issues in different regions across the country. These journalists also collect data on medication stock-outs, which is shared with government agencies who can take action to resolve the problems.

Indigo is delighted to be supporting Health e-News’ expansion of the OurHealth network to new areas with a grant of 381,960 Rand and look forward to reading some of their stories over the coming months.