Reading for Pleasure in South Africa

Awarded on 16 Sep 2015

FunDza Literacy Trust

South Africa

Basic life skills for youth and adults, Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £22,000.00

I’ve previously written about our South African grantee, FunDza, who have done some amazing work in recent years to get young South Africans reading (and writing). Using mobiles to provide access to engaging, local content from South African writers, FunDza are helping to popularise reading for pleasure.

It’s for those reasons that we are delighted to be awarding them a grant of £22,000 to support further development of the platform and contribute towards salaries for a Programme Manager and IT support role. It’s likely that this will be our last grant to FunDza, as we transition towards increasing our support for transparency and accountability work and end our support for health, education and agriculture projects. Working with FunDza has been a pleasure and we will continue to follow their progress with interest.