Supporting Community News in South Africa

Awarded on 2 Nov 2015

Ground Up

South Africa

Free flow of information, Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £10,000.00

Growing up, I always assumed community news to be a mixture of the banal (‘Local Man Eats Sandwich’), the bizarre (‘Woman Marries Budgie) and the barely believable (‘Dog learns Swedish watching Nordic Noir’). Actually, that last story sounds intriguing and certainly more interesting than many newspaper stories.

Fortunately, I’ve since discovered that I was mistaken in my beliefs and that community news can be both compelling and highly influential under the right circumstances. That’s certainly the case with GroundUp, South Africa’s community news organisation that reports on issues of social justice in vulnerable communities. It reports on a wide range of issues from crime to housing and health to culture. All of their stories are driven by a desire to bring often unseen issues to light and to expose problems of social justice, so that they can be better understood and debated. We’re delighted to be supporting this work with a £10,000 grant, which will be used to support GroundUp’s core costs.