How to Best Support Innovation Spaces: A Gathering of Funders and Supporters

Breakout session diagramOn 24th September, a prestigious group of funders, researchers and other supports of innovation spaces came together to explore how we can best support innovation spaces internationally.    The event was hosted by the British Council, Hivos and Indigo Trust and took place in London.  The event was facilitated by Swarm.

We summarised some of the key learnings we’e captured from hubs across Sub Saharan Africa (you can learn more in this article which explores building tech ecosystems and whether our expectations for innovation hubs are realistic or this article which captures learning from hub managers across the continent).

The group explored factors which contribute to their success and failure and the challenges of monitoring impact, before exploring the following themes in breakout sessions:

1) Hub leadership
2) Community building and skills development
3) Financial sustainability
4) Hub communities addressing civic/social issues

You can read about what we’ve achieved in the presentation below.

[slideshare id=53460943&doc=supportinginnovationspaces-eventsummary-151002121122-lva1-app6891]
We hope that this discussion sparks greater strategic thinking and collaborative programming amongst philanthropists, the corporate sector and other stakeholders.