South Africa, Journalism & Dim Sum Digital

Awarded on 27 Jul 2015

Dim Sum Digital Limited

South Africa

Media and free flow of information

Grant amount £11,600.00

The following post is reproduced with the kind permission of Dim Sum Digital, about some work Indigo is funding with them and partners in South Africa.

A new month – and the beginning of some new contracts which we’re very excited to be getting started on here.

Alongside ongoing work at Talk About Local, we’re very pleased to be starting work in the UK with Nesta, the national innovation charity, and internationally with The Indigo Trust.

Nesta has selected our hyperlocal publication, The Richmond Noticeboard, to be one of ten such outfits in the UK to take part in its Action Research in Audience Analytics programme for the next four months.

We’ve written more about that here.

Overseas, we’re starting on a year long project back in South Africa. Building on our previous training work in that country, we’ll be working alongside the Gates Foundation-backed data journalism initiative and setting up a new newsroom.

Working with Indigo Trust grantees and an £11,600 grant from Indigo, the newsroom will operate to highlight their important issues to the wider news media space and produce content, ideas, inspiration and, of course, data for media organisations in country and elsewhere.

The newsroom will dovetail into the cadet school being run by Raymond Joseph to give students real, hands-on newsroom experience at the Code4SouthAfrica base in Cape Town.

Through this innovation, we aim to address what we see as a dilemma facing many NGOs, organisations, independent journalists and activists in getting attention for their concerns. We are developing a process which concentrates on the way those issues might distribute through local and global news flows. In our commitment to an ethics of openness, it is intended that content produced during the program will be licensed for re-use and allow for other publishers’ own creativity to come to the fore in determining the final presentation of the journalism.

How this innovative project develops will also be the subject of upcoming blog posts here as well as being updated via my semi-regular newsletter too. (You can sign up for that here).

The approach we’re developing here at Dim Sum Digital, which is intended to help both media and cultural organisations interact with new audiences, is moving into a new phase with these projects and we look forward to sharing and reflecting on our experiences here.