Continuing our support of mySociety

Awarded on 29 Jul 2015


Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom

Administrative costs, Democratic participation and civil society, Electoral assistance and monitoring

Grant amount £40,000.00

For a number of years now, Indigo has been providing support to mySociety, the UK-based social enterprise specialising in the use of civic technologies. Back when we started supporting them, the vast majority of their work was focused on Britain. While mySociety continues to innovate and support UK sites, in recent years they have expanded their work to collaborate with a diffuse network of organisations across the world. mySociety’s experts work with groups in a multitude of countries to help them set up and run a range of digital democracy tools. Whether it’s fixing community problems in Uruguay, submitting freedom of information requests in Hungary or setting up parliamentary information sites in South Africa, mySociety has a wealth of experience. That’s why we’re delighted to be supporting them with a further £40,000 grant. This will be used to support their work with African partners in countries such as South Africa and Kenya. You can read more about the transparency and accountability work we’ve supported across Africa here on our Grants Awarded page.