Sobanukirwa – Rwandan Freedom of Information Site – update

In March of this year we announced a grant award to Tumenye Digital Ltd to help them continue work on their Sobanukirwa site which enables Rwandan citizens to make freedom of information requests.  A quick update from the team is below:

Since launching Sobanukirwa in February, more than 10,000 people have used the site and 46 information requests have been publicly submitted via the site. So far seven of these requests have been successful and have revealed information about data laws, health care locations and genocide denial court cases in Rwanda. This demonstrates how useful improved access to information can be to help people in Rwanda learn more about how organisations work, get data on issues that they care about and discover more about how the country is run.

Tumenye have secured the 4636 shortcode and have established a toll-free hotline to make their service freely available to end users.  They’re now launching the service with the catchy promotional video below:



In May, the team attended a data journalism and open data training session being run by the National Institute of Statistics for Rwanda, where they talked about Sobanukirwa – more here.

We look forward to seeing the impact of this site as it becomes more well known.