Radio is not dead yet

Awarded on 10 Jun 2015

Children's Radio Foundation

South Africa

Democratic participation and civil society, Human rights, Media and free flow of information

Grant amount £5,000.00

For many of our grantees, radio remains a vital tool to reach people who may not ordinarily subscribe to an SMS list or who may lack the time to become civic activists. As a trusted and widespread form of communication, it can be a great tool for publicising an initiative and reaching out beyond ‘the usual suspects’. It’s also great as a multi-lingual platform that does not rely on literacy or access to sophisticated technology. Children’s Radio Foundation, a South African organisation working in multiple African countries, long ago realised radio’s potential and have sought to combine it with mobile and web technologies for greater reach. Their work involves training young people to become reporters who can produce radio programmes in local languages that are accessible and understandable by other young people. Indigo is delighted to be able to support this work with a £5,000 grant that will help CRF produce and disseminate a Community Action Toolkit (CAT). This toolkit will enable youth reporters to engage with local leaders and public institutions on matters of concern to them and the local community. It is designed to be a practical guide to help young people take a more active role in the life of their communities and the decisions that affect their everyday lives. It will be distributed through CRF’s own online learning and discussion platform, where other users will be able to comment and contribute to it.