Elections – Forewarned is Forearmed

As recent electoral events in the UK demonstrate, elections can be tricky mistresses and ‘foregone conclusions’ can be way off the mark. Here at Indigo we frequently receive proposals from groups wanting to do work around elections in sub-Saharan Africa; whether it’s voter education in Kenya, youth participation in Tanzania or election monitoring in Nigeria. If your organisation is seeking to do work on elections, building in enough time to get the work done can be crucial. Designing a project, producing a proposal, implementing it and then monitoring and evaluating it can take longer than you might think. You could also be in conversation with potential funders for a number of months beforehand, which could quickly eat into the timeframe you had initially envisaged. So, if you’re thinking about it and are looking for funding from us, get the ball rolling early. We’d love to hear from groups using technology for election work, so drop us a line!