Supporting Zambian Innovation – A Grant to BongoHive

Awarded on 20 Apr 2015

Bongo Hive


Business support services and institutions

Grant amount £16,585.29

In the latest Ease of Doing Business rankings from the World Bank, Zambia ranks 111th in the world. That means it’s easier than doing business in Niger or Tajikistan, but more difficult than Samoa or Namibia. By contrast, the UK and US both rank in the top ten, alongside places like New Zealand and Australia. In short, doing business in Zambia is by no means easy and there are a lot of challenges facing would-be entrepreneurs. With that in mind, we’re delighted to be supporting Lusaka’s tech and innovation hub, BongoHive, with a grant of $25,500. Founded in 2011, BongoHive is Zambia’s first and only hub that aims to empower and support technologists and entrepreneurs aiming to create change in their communities. The hub currently works with a number of start-ups and provides access to equipment, business mentorship and support, training and tech advice.

Indigo’s funding will be used to support the business incubation manager who identifies and works with promising start-ups and entrepreneurs to help them navigate the tricky business of establishing themselves, registering their company and getting funding or credit. Over the course of the next year, BongoHive hope to support a number of ventures to take the next step and move from a good idea to a great reality.