Second Grant to Joint Hub Fund

Awarded on 18 Mar 2015

Stichting HIVOS


Democratic participation and civil society, Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £100,000.00

In June last year, we blogged about our involvement in establishing the Joint Hub Fund to support tech hubs across Africa. Today, Indigo is delighted to announce that we will provide a further £100,000 towards supporting the Fund. This is the largest award Indigo has made since we started supporting technology and development in 2010 and we hope that it can be used to catalyse the growth and development of Africa’s burgeoning tech hub space. It is our belief that technology hubs offer great promise in using technology to address some of the social and economic challenges faced by the communities in which they operate. The money is being granted to the Dutch Hivos Foundation, which is responsible for the management and running of the fund. £10,000 will be used to cover staff costs, while the remainder will go towards supporting the core costs of a variety of hubs across the continent. We hope to provide updates on the progress of the fund and its awardees over the coming year.