Second Grant to Fruits of Thought

Awarded on 3 Dec 2014

Fruits of Thought


Administrative costs, Free flow of information, Information and Communication Technology, Support to local and regional NGOs

Grant amount £18,056.38

Uganda’s open data scene looks interesting at the moment and we’re glad to be able to support it through some of our grants. We recently awarded a grant to Development Research and Training for their open data work in the country and are delighted to award Fruits of Thought a second grant of £18,895 towards strengthening and extending their open data work. Our funding will be used to enable them to recruit an open data specialist and will also go towards specific project costs to be decided by their open data specialist.

Fruits of Thought’s work includes hosting Mapping Day Uganda – a one-day mapping event, GIS training and the development of mapping technologies for use on mobiles. It also extends to Data Dot Ug, Uganda’s premier open data portal that currently hosts almost 400 datasets. The datasets on there currently include ones relating to health, education, service delivery, budget allocations and a whole range of other fields. One of the tasks of FoT’s new open data specialist will be to encourage further publication, but also increasing use of these datasets. We look forward to following this open data work over the next few months.