A Further Grant to WOUGNET

Awarded on 1 Dec 2014

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)


Democratic participation and civil society, Free flow of information, Information and Communication Technology, Support to national NGOs

Grant amount £19,673.40

We have previously worked with Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) on a service delivery project that you can read more about here. We are delighted to announce a second grant to them of £19,673. This funding will go towards training  the duty bearers/leaders  in the use  of mobile applications, use of internet, Ushahidi and using social media to report  poor service delivery. Community members will also be equipped with citizen journalism skills to  act  as reporters in the community and conduct engagement meetings with  duty bearers  to discuss service delivery and follow-up actions.

WOUGNET’s work will build upon the links and relationships they have built up with these communities and are part of a long-term plan to ensure better service delivery and a more responsive government for Ugandan citizens. Through training, implementation, follow-up and monitoring and evaluation, WOUGNET hope to be able to track the life cycle of service delivery and create more proactive communities better able to assert their rights.