A Grant to Swahili Box

Awarded on 3 Dec 2014

M-Power - Swahilibox


Democratic participation and civil society, Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £26,000.00

SwahiliBox is Mombasa’s own technology open space focusing on socio-economic technology empowerment, inspiring and developing individuals and helping them develop new and innovative ideas through networking, access to training and support and professional mentoring and coaching. It’s one of the first hubs we are supporting outside a capital city, having awarded them a grant of £26,000 towards set up and running costs. The founders of the hub have been busy among the thriving tech community of Mombasa and felt that it was time that the community had a space to call its own.

We hope to update readers of this blog on what’s going on at SwahiliBox over the next few months, but we’re very excited to be involved in a project of this sort – especially outside of a capital city.