A New Grant to AfriLabs

Awarded on 3 Dec 2014



Administrative costs, Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £15,000.00

As we’ve previously written about, over the last few years we have supported a number of hubs across the continent. The map below shows all the countries where we have supported or are supporting hubs (unfortunately, it’s not interactive as wordpress.com doesn’t handle iframe embed codes well – but I digress):


And this is just a small selection of the total number of hubs dotted across the continent – there are dozens, probably hundreds spread around Africa. AfriLabs fulfil an important role by providing a degree of coordination and interaction between different hubs and we’re delighted to announce a second grant of £15,000 to continue this work. We’re delighted to be supporting this work, especially given our investment in and involvement with many of the hubs who stand to benefit from AfriLabs’ work.