New Grant to DRT

Awarded on 1 Dec 2014

Development Research and Training


Democratic participation and civil society, Free flow of information, Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £10,426.43

Is the idea of an open data ‘community’ a misnomer? In an age of linked data, how connected are different open data players? And how does the diversity of the open data world – with its myriad actors, agendas and ways of working – fit together as a cohesive whole? These are some of the questions that Development Research and Training (DRT) – a Ugandan organisation – hope to address in a piece of work that is being funded by Indigo. The grant of $16,000 aims to help DRT address three key issues they have identified through their existing work with the open data world of Uganda:

  1. Create and popularize a geomap of the known Open Data (OD) players in Uganda
  2. Understand better the drivers of polarization and clique-ism and devise sensitive (non-threatening) modalities to increase synergy among Open Data players (this will include testing out collaboration models that work)
  3. Develop capacity development on line guides on building and strengthening partnerships across the ecosystem, materials for new entrants; updates on the wider data revolution debate.

DRT believes there is great potential for improving governance and accountability through the use of open data in Uganda and that there are significant opportunities for improvement in the way that the open data players talk to one another. The following diagram shows how they currently interpret the open data system in the country and shows that there is significant potential for increased collaboration and cohesion:

DRT OD system diagram