SwahiliBox Takes Shape

M-Power’s mission to connect Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city, to the global grid is taking shape!   Thanks to a collaboration with the National Museums of Kenya, space has now been secured for a community driven technology hub – SwahiliBox.  Meet the team…

M-Power intends to encourage and strengthen an innovative culture, and engage local entrepreneurs and innovators to develop solutions to the challenges faced by the people of the Kenyan Coast.  Ahmed Maawy, M-Power’s Executive Director, believes the potential of Kenya as a technology hub lies in not having a centralised focus around Nairobi but to encourage other parts of the country to participate.

SwahiliBox will be a mix of a traditional Swahili Culture setup with a modern technology open space setup. The preservation of Swahili heritage and culture using technology will also be one of the key areas of focus for M-Power.

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Indigo is delighted to be part of this new and exciting venture and looks forward to seeing SwahiliBox brought to life by its vibrant community.