Grant awarded to Dim Sum Digital

Awarded on 2 Oct 2014

Dim Sum Digital Limited

South Africa

Free flow of information, Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £15,053.00

By definition, citizen journalists tend to lack much of the training or experience of regular, paid journalists. As citizens of the communities they write about, however, they are necessarily much closer to the ground and interested in the issues that the regular press overlooks or chooses not to report on. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a grant of £15,053 to Dim Sum Digital to provide training to citizen journalists in Cape Town. The training will take them through a number of different skills and steps, including:

1.  A 4.5 day intensive citizen reporting course aimed at those participants who are likely to write and pitch stories as a regular part of their day-today work. These sessions will be very hands on with participants going out to gather stories and being helped to produce material to pitch to real news organisations rather than being entirely classroom based.

2. A two day introduction to storytelling aimed at participants with a more technological background which will concentrate on spotting stories and building contacts in the media.

3.Informal meetups and mentoring. The training ‘sticks’ far better if there is a local contact to give it relevance and potentially to follow up afterwards.

4. Webinars to reinforce the training and knowledge accrued.