Post-2015 Development

Alongside a series of NGOs, Indigo has recently endorsed this statement on the importance of transparent, accountable and inclusive institutions. Millions of citizens around the world, particularly youth, are demanding more open and accountable governance. In a public opinion poll, over four million people identified “honest and responsive government” as one of their top four development priorities. The Post-2015 Development Framework must respond to this overwhelming call by enabling people, especially those experiencing poverty and marginalisation, to participate in governance at all levels. But as anyone familiar with current affairs knows, this cannot just apply to development goals or countries of the global South. Phone hacking, bribery, corporate corruption and malfeasance are multi-billion pound industries in the UK or USA and so any goals must apply equally worldwide. As the Millennium Goals come to an end, however, and the world looks to what will replace them, transparent and accountable institutions must come near the top of the list. If you represent an organisation that would like to endorse the statement, please visit this site.