Grant awarded to Siyakhona

Awarded on 31 Jul 2014

Siyakhona Multi Media Co-operative Ltd

South Africa

Information and Communication Technology, Secondary education

Grant amount £15,000.00

Substance abuse and addiction are common the world over, but in the Alexandra township of Johannesburg the problem is particularly pressing. School pupils are at risk of failing or dropping out due to the prevalence of alcohol and substance abuse. That’s why we have awarded Siyakhona – an organisation based in the township – a grant of £15,000 to develop a short documentary and organise school screenings to warn of the dangers of drug and substance use.

The project involves filming of a short documentary that will be screened to students at all five high school in Alexandra Township. Pupils in grades 10 and below, student governing bodies and educators, in particular, will be targeted to show them the magnitude of the problem and to spark conversations. Screenings involve Q & A sessions, which will be facilitated and filmed by Siyakhona and shown to the Department of Education in an attempt to catalyse change.