Seychellois Legislation and the e-Grey Book

It’s not often we talk about the Seychelles on here – in fact, it’s very rare that we hear from organisations and individuals in the Seychelles. When it comes to accessing legislative information on and offline, however, the Seychelles are ahead of the game. This is thanks to the work of Seychelles Legal Information Institute who have developed what they’re calling the e-grey book. The e-grey book is built upon the traditional East African compilations of legislation known as grey books. The Seychellois e-grey book makes available 80 key pieces of legislation for online and offline use. It was launched at the end of April this year and early indications that it’s reaching those who need it are good. Thanks to tablet computers given to the judiciary in the Seychelles, judges are now able to access key legislation at the click (or tap) of a button (or screen). At least 100 people accessed the site directly from their mobiles.  Individual legislation pages were downloaded 370 times, and more than 150 users downloaded the entire e-Grey Book in ePub form.  In a country with only about 50 practicing attorneys, that is a great sign.

They’ve been busy blogging about the project and their latest post provides some interesting usage stats like those above. It’s great to see the product being used and also great to see an organisation that’s not scared of sharing its usage stats online for all to see. This is the kind of reporting we welcome and it would be great to see some more organisations adopting similar systems. To read their latest post, click here.