An Open Data Unconference

Indigo recently supported an open data unconference in Cape Town in collaboration with our grantee, Code for South Africa. The conference proceedings are now available to read. In just a couple of days, the conference examined a huge range of issues from how to get government data, mapping political financing, collaborating on open data and coding for journalists. Write-ups of each session are available here, but for now this is a quick taste of some the common themes that emerged from the diverse sessions:

  • There is a clear need for an open data portal to collate available datasets at a single location;
  • A policy of “open by default” for data is needed in contrast to the current “closed by default” mindset;
  • Data needs to be released responsibly to ensure that it does not compromise the privacy of individuals;
  • Data providers (such as government) should only be responsible for making data available, and info-mediaries such as the media, civil society and the private sector will package and present data to end-users.