Awarded on 9 Jul 2014


South Africa

Democratic participation and civil society, Human rights protection and monitoring, Information and Communication Technology

Grant amount £15,453.07

Across Africa – the world, indeed – citizens are fighting many of the same battles over resource allocation, spending cuts, taxi justice and a whole swathe of similar issues. One of the things that has revolutionised these battles in recent years is the introduction of mobile and web technologies. Citizens can now join campaigns, document evidence of corruption, learn about issues in far off places and close to home through the use of their mobile phone. It’s almost impossible nowadays, for example, to watch the TV news without seeing footage captured by mobile phone – whether in Ukraine or Uganda, South Africa or Sweden. While this has brought about significant change, it has also created excessive duplication, as different organisations and individuals build similar tools to help them in their work. That’s why South African start-up, Amandla!, and Nigerian organisation Enough is Enough are teaming up to build a versatile and reusable social campaigning platform. The platform aims to be sufficiently customisable that it can be used by organisations working in different countries and in multiple languages on different campaign issues. This is how it works:

System diagram

We’re delighted to have awarded Amandla! a grant of £14,385 to contribute to this work and look forward to seeing how their first two campaigns unfold. In South Africa, Amandla! will be leading a campaign on public housing and domestic violence, while in Nigeria Enough is Enough will use the platform for a campaign on kerosene subsidies and government corruption. If these campaigns prove successful, it’s hoped that many other organisations will adopt the technology for their own campaigns – wherever they might be.